Taiki in Print

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I just got these in! My friend Thom at Delmar's Vaudeville Publishing sent them to me to sign and once they get back to him, they'll be for sale~! This first issue of Chapter 3 will have the first 26 pages (pages 151-177 of the comic itself) complete with newly revised word balloons for easier reading, 3 print exclusive mini comics (4-komas), a few sketches, artist comments on all the pages, and brand new cover art! Again, the reason I started with Chapter 3 for print is because the first 2 chapters aren't at a high enough resolution to print in a decent quality and I need to do a lot of editing on them. They will eventually be for sale however so don't worry! I believe the price for this issue will be $6.50.

Also, I'd also suggest ordering a copy of Go Get a Roomie when it is released as well if you like Girl Love stuff! I personally love the comic and have a copy. ;D Though it is more Adult than Taiki. xD

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Pokemon: Ultimate Quest

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So I was kicking around this idea to do a really cartoonie comic in my Riley drawing style but quickly didn't like where it was going. I spent a few weeks trying to establish a new cartoonie style and came up with what you see here. The style is for a different comic, but I wanted to practice it a bit so I started this parody Pokemon webcomic called Ultimate Quest. (I don't really want to spend a lot of time on the strips, so I sketch them straight into the computer at 72 dpi, so it looks a bit sketchy). My future comic that this style is for is called CMYK. I will try to redo the character sheets I made for it and show it off a bit.

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Taiki in Print - Coming Soon!

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Soooo who's ready for some Taiki?! The first part of Chapter 3 is being sent to the printers~! After much collaboration with my friend Thom (of Delmar's Vaudeville Publishing), we decided it would be best to start with Chapter 3 for print because Chapters 1 and 2 need a ton of editing and are at such a low resolution. I didn't start making the resolution higher when drawing the comic until Chapter 3. The first issue of Chapter 3 will have the first 26 pages (pages 151-177 of the comic itself) complete with newly revised word balloons for easier reading, 3 print exclusive mini comics (4-komas), a few sketches, artist comments on all the pages, and brand new cover art! Also, the first 20 copies ordered will be signed by me! C: And don't worry fans of Taiki, the first 2 chapters will eventually be printed as Trades when I get done fixing them up.

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Riley, the old and the new!

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So here's a comparison to the original 1st page to what is now Riley! I don't know the exact date that I drew it except I know that it was during my sophmore year of high school which was 2003/2004. Back when I used to ink everything with pens. haha The "insert this here" things aren't part of the original, I just had never gotten around to drawing those panels. I found the first 5 pages to this comic in a box of old art in my closet. I really wanted to redraw it because it is deffinately one of my favorite stories I've written. C:

Poor Cody got his intro kicked to the 2nd page in the remake though. haha oh well~

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More on Riley

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Here's what I got for a cover for the first issue. I'm not starting it right away, I just made the cover because I wanted to take a small break from a bunch of Taiki stuff. I may change a few things on it later but for now this is what it is. I'm not sure how distracting the doodles behind them are. haha I added a link to the blog header thing to the Smackjeeves page I made for it for when I do get it going. Also, I will only be posting the first issue online and after that, the issues will be released into the store. Sorry to everyone who is unable to buy things online. D: I will not be putting Taiki on hiatus or anything for Riley. Taiki is my main comic and my priority.

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Riley Concepts

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I actually started this comic before Taiki back in 2004. I started it by inking and shading (with a pencil) it back before I really knew how to edit things on the computer. I only got like... 6 or so pages into it. haha Maybe if I dig through my old art box I can find the original pages. I know they're in there somewhere. I took a comicing class last year and one of the projects was to make a comic with each page in a different style (I posted it on dA) and the final page was to make our own style and these are the characters I used for it and it was in this style. Recently I've been drawing them a lot in this style instead of my normal style just for fun and practice and I'm really considering redrawing the comic and continuing it like this. I also decided it was better if I changed their names. It was originally called "Reikai : Fighter for Hire". Reikai isn't even a name, I just added an "i" to the name "Reika" for some reason. Also I did not want the boy's name to be Sasuke. I was going to make it into a joke but I decided against that as well. So Reikai is now Riley and Sasuke is now Cody (not 100% set in stone, but those are what I'm going with for the time being). I can't decide on Miya, I kind of want to keep her name the same but I'm also concidering Leila. I don't want my comics to look uber Weeaboo or whatever so since they aren't Japanese, I don't want them all to have Japanese names.

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Taiki Buttons!

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Taiki : The Webcomic buttons are now available in the store! They look so amazing! :D

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I'm sure some of you are wondering, what's "KH : CS"? It stands for "Kingdom Hearts : Crimson Secrets". It was a Kingdom Hearts fan comic I drew about 2 years ago and eventually I stopped because I realized that I had just rushed into it without any character depth or full out story. I decided that I would restart it when I had time and I still plan to. Above is concept sketches of the characters. Some of them are kinda old. haha Last year I designed a new main character and outfits for the other characters. I redrew the first 3 pages almost the same as before but with the new character and I decided that wasn't the best way to start the story. Below are those pages:

It's not really spoilers to the next remake of the comic because after Birth By Sleep came out, I learned more about the history of the canon characters and have changed the story to go along with it. I want this comic's story to be as linear with the actual Kingdom Hearts story as possible. Along with a few original characters, this comic will have some canon characters as well as other Disney characters that aren't (yet?) in KH. Such as Kim Possible and Shego. Why a fan comic you ask? I'm usually against drawing fan stuff since I love doing original things, but I really do love KH and this is going to be a practice comic where I try out a lot of new techniques. Since it has copyrighted stuff in it, I could never get it published, so I won't ever worry about it being "good enough". It's just for fun and learning.

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