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Taiki : The Webcomic buttons are now available in the store! They look so amazing! :D

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I'm sure some of you are wondering, what's "KH : CS"? It stands for "Kingdom Hearts : Crimson Secrets". It was a Kingdom Hearts fan comic I drew about 2 years ago and eventually I stopped because I realized that I had just rushed into it without any character depth or full out story. I decided that I would restart it when I had time and I still plan to. Above is concept sketches of the characters. Some of them are kinda old. haha Last year I designed a new main character and outfits for the other characters. I redrew the first 3 pages almost the same as before but with the new character and I decided that wasn't the best way to start the story. Below are those pages:

It's not really spoilers to the next remake of the comic because after Birth By Sleep came out, I learned more about the history of the canon characters and have changed the story to go along with it. I want this comic's story to be as linear with the actual Kingdom Hearts story as possible. Along with a few original characters, this comic will have some canon characters as well as other Disney characters that aren't (yet?) in KH. Such as Kim Possible and Shego. Why a fan comic you ask? I'm usually against drawing fan stuff since I love doing original things, but I really do love KH and this is going to be a practice comic where I try out a lot of new techniques. Since it has copyrighted stuff in it, I could never get it published, so I won't ever worry about it being "good enough". It's just for fun and learning.

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