In the Next Year...

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I saw some more people asking about when Taiki may be ending. I'm planning on ending it at the end of the year/very beginning of next year. This chapter will be the last chapter and at this time has 70 more pages left. If I continue with my update schedule and don't miss any updates, I believe that the last page should be going up the first Tuesday of 2013 (Jan 1st 2013). Originally I had wanted the story of this comic to go on for a lot longer and into Taiki's college life but I decided against it. There's just so many other stories I want to make and I've already been working on Taiki for almost 6 years. I've learned a lot from it and I want to put that knowledge into fresh ideas. I will be very sad when it ends but I feel like it's the right thing to do. Along with that, some of you may know that I have another comic going on as well, a Pokemon fan comic called Ultimate Quest. I hope to also finish that one around the same time. I really do like doing two comics at once; an original one that is my priority and a 2nd one that would be a fan comic or something not as serious (a side project) to keep me from burning out from the other one. However that does mean that the 2nd one tends to not have an update schedule and frequently goes on hiatus...

I would like to formally announce that my next project after Taiki will be CMYK. It will be drawn in the same style as my Ultimate Quest. Originally I had intended to do Riley: Fighter for Hire next after Taiki but I have decided against it because I didn't have it fleshed out enough and want to practice a new inking format first. Which also leads to what my next side project will be. I believe that I will be doing the remake of my Kingdom Hearts: Crimson Secrets fan comic. That one would be drawn in the new inking format that I would practice before starting Riley later in the future. That part is subject to change but I don't think it will.

I know that this is like 8 months from now, but I didn't want it to come as a big surprise when it does happen.

I'm also wondering if anyone would be interested in buying printed copies of Taiki when it finishes? I was thinking of doing 3 volumes. Volume 1 would be Chapters 1-2 (150+ pages), Volume 2 would be Chapters 3-4 (150+ pages), and Volume 3 would be Chapter 5 plus lots of extras including behind the scenes things, original character concepts, and maybe a mini comic or something (100+ Pages). Mainly wondering because I would have to "redraw" chapters 1 and 2 to be print ready. xP

Well, that's it for now, thanks for reading! Feel free to ask my anything!

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New Taiki Site Layout

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So, I have changed my host so that I can have multiple domains on the same host. When doing so I could no longer use the built in site building software that was on my old host so I had to rebuild the entire Taiki website in a new program and thus the new layout. I hope that everyone likes it and this is probably how it will stay until Taiki finishes.

In this layout I have included a link to the new forums that is more general themed for future use by all the webcomics I will potentially write later on.

I'm still not very familiar with RSS feeds but I will try my best to work with the one I have put up with this new layout. I hope I can figure it out. haha

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