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Hey everyone, a lot has happened behind the scenes in Taiki news that I need to share. The company that was publishing my Taiki comics has decided to shut down so I will have to publish Taiki on my own. To do this I will need to have a Kickstarter. I posted a poll on the Taiki site asking how many people would actually buy the book so please add your input, it would be very helpful.

In the end I have decided to print the whole book as 1 entire story instead of having multiple volumes because it would save on cost and have a higher probability of selling. It was decided not to continue the issues that I originally started getting printed of Chapter 3 because they didn't sell very well unfortunately. As for the Kickstarter itself I would have bundles that include the original print run of Issue 1 of Chapter 3. This would be most likely the last chance to get those comics as the company behind them is sending me the last of them and will never be printed again.

So far what I have concluded for the book:
  • All 375 comic pages (not including the intermissions).
  • 25 pages of extras (8 page mini Christmas comic never shown online, Epilogue, written out versions of original endings and other parts cut from the story, history of the Taiki characters, etc.)
  • Printed as a 400 page manga sized book.
Backer rewards would include pdf versions of the book, signed books, the original chapter 3 comic, possibly buttons, and original art. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on what they would like to see please let me know! Thanks.

Having the entire story of Taiki in book form would be like a dream come true for me. I have worked on this project for 6 and half years and having a physical book of it to hold be just be amazing. :D

And as for news on CMYK, I had originally planned on finishing the Taiki pages a couple of months early and having CMYK start right away while the end of Taiki was still posting to the web but I don't think that will happen now. My work schedule is too hectic and I haven't gotten as many Taiki pages done as I had wanted. So CMYK will most likely start in January of 2013. February at the latest depending on how much of it I want to get done before starting it. Thank you for your patience if you're waiting for that one to start. C:

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