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Here's what I got for a cover for the first issue. I'm not starting it right away, I just made the cover because I wanted to take a small break from a bunch of Taiki stuff. I may change a few things on it later but for now this is what it is. I'm not sure how distracting the doodles behind them are. haha I added a link to the blog header thing to the Smackjeeves page I made for it for when I do get it going. Also, I will only be posting the first issue online and after that, the issues will be released into the store. Sorry to everyone who is unable to buy things online. D: I will not be putting Taiki on hiatus or anything for Riley. Taiki is my main comic and my priority.

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Riley Concepts

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I actually started this comic before Taiki back in 2004. I started it by inking and shading (with a pencil) it back before I really knew how to edit things on the computer. I only got like... 6 or so pages into it. haha Maybe if I dig through my old art box I can find the original pages. I know they're in there somewhere. I took a comicing class last year and one of the projects was to make a comic with each page in a different style (I posted it on dA) and the final page was to make our own style and these are the characters I used for it and it was in this style. Recently I've been drawing them a lot in this style instead of my normal style just for fun and practice and I'm really considering redrawing the comic and continuing it like this. I also decided it was better if I changed their names. It was originally called "Reikai : Fighter for Hire". Reikai isn't even a name, I just added an "i" to the name "Reika" for some reason. Also I did not want the boy's name to be Sasuke. I was going to make it into a joke but I decided against that as well. So Reikai is now Riley and Sasuke is now Cody (not 100% set in stone, but those are what I'm going with for the time being). I can't decide on Miya, I kind of want to keep her name the same but I'm also concidering Leila. I don't want my comics to look uber Weeaboo or whatever so since they aren't Japanese, I don't want them all to have Japanese names.

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