Taiki in Print - Coming Soon!

Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010, under ,

Soooo who's ready for some Taiki?! The first part of Chapter 3 is being sent to the printers~! After much collaboration with my friend Thom (of Delmar's Vaudeville Publishing), we decided it would be best to start with Chapter 3 for print because Chapters 1 and 2 need a ton of editing and are at such a low resolution. I didn't start making the resolution higher when drawing the comic until Chapter 3. The first issue of Chapter 3 will have the first 26 pages (pages 151-177 of the comic itself) complete with newly revised word balloons for easier reading, 3 print exclusive mini comics (4-komas), a few sketches, artist comments on all the pages, and brand new cover art! Also, the first 20 copies ordered will be signed by me! C: And don't worry fans of Taiki, the first 2 chapters will eventually be printed as Trades when I get done fixing them up.

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Riley, the old and the new!

Posted on Tuesday, August 03, 2010, under ,

So here's a comparison to the original 1st page to what is now Riley! I don't know the exact date that I drew it except I know that it was during my sophmore year of high school which was 2003/2004. Back when I used to ink everything with pens. haha The "insert this here" things aren't part of the original, I just had never gotten around to drawing those panels. I found the first 5 pages to this comic in a box of old art in my closet. I really wanted to redraw it because it is deffinately one of my favorite stories I've written. C:

Poor Cody got his intro kicked to the 2nd page in the remake though. haha oh well~

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