Taiki in Print

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I just got these in! My friend Thom at Delmar's Vaudeville Publishing sent them to me to sign and once they get back to him, they'll be for sale~! This first issue of Chapter 3 will have the first 26 pages (pages 151-177 of the comic itself) complete with newly revised word balloons for easier reading, 3 print exclusive mini comics (4-komas), a few sketches, artist comments on all the pages, and brand new cover art! Again, the reason I started with Chapter 3 for print is because the first 2 chapters aren't at a high enough resolution to print in a decent quality and I need to do a lot of editing on them. They will eventually be for sale however so don't worry! I believe the price for this issue will be $6.50.

Also, I'd also suggest ordering a copy of Go Get a Roomie when it is released as well if you like Girl Love stuff! I personally love the comic and have a copy. ;D Though it is more Adult than Taiki. xD

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  • Ashy D on October 25, 2010 at 11:31 PM

    woo first post!

    also, $6.50 seems like a bargain to me - ill take 8! lol hoping i get paid soon so i can buy one :P

    - Ashy

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